Do you know, the key to transform your brain lies in your hands?

Research publications have illustrated the ability of the brain to reorganize itself.
How you ask?
By creating - and most importantly sticking to - habits and patterns for a prolonged period of time.

In this article, I'll provide several lines of evidence of neuroplasticity and the art to transform your brain.

But first, we need to understand a few simple things:

Structural neuroplasticity, in which the strength of the connections between neurons (or synapses) changes.

— Positive

Neural pathways in the brain are created based on our repeated habits and behaviour.
Essentially everything we do on a daily basis, has created a neural pathway. Which is exactly why some habits become easier over time.

We also make and store memories by creating new pathways. Repeating the same exercise over and over during a study session therefore allows us to forge a pathway to the brain and memorize.

How to use this knowledge to your advantage?

Based on what we know about Neurons and the Human Brain… there’s one clear answer.


Yes, it might sound daunting to go over your academic notes, memory cards or face the gym daily/weekly.
But there is simply no easier path to store knowledge or create new habits long term.

Another important factor is to remember:

happy memories tend to stick better.

Therefore it’s recommended to boost your endorphins.Thankfully exercise is an endorphin booster on its own. But…

Do end a study session on a happy note.

Reward yourself.. This is where the Pomodoro Technique comes in handy. (Taking frequent breaks between tasks).

Try your best to shift your focus on positive mantras such as ,I can do this'. Since as we've learned - what's repeated often enough sticks.

So now that we've covered some basics, I shall end today's article to keep it short and sweet. However I plan to write on each friday moving forward.

If you're interested - I'll also post weekly writing and study tips on my bookstagram @itsmiubooks .

Talk to you next week, Jenn.



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